We are water people.  We love the rivers, lakes, and oceans of the world.  

In 2014 Colorado Paddle Boards was just an idea.  That idea was to build a Stand up Paddle Board out of leftover foam insulation that my father-in-law had in his barn.  It took about a year to build that first board and it will always be the "Original" Colorado Paddle Board.


Realizing that an inflatable board would have many advantages to a rigid foam board I researched companies that already produced high quality boards.  I ended up working with a company based out the beautiful port city of Wehai, China.  I am very impressed with the board that we created together.  I was so excited when my Colorado Paddle Board arrived that I knew I had to share the love!  Heres to getting on the water with your very own CPB!


Paddles up!  

-Nico Foster

Durango, CO